POLYPROMOTER™, an intelligent assistant enables visitors to interact with natural language voice commands in order to orient visitors with guidance. With its attractive unique virtual reality design, the POLYPROMOTER™ is commonly used as an advertising media for goods and services. The POLYPROMOTER™ is an indispensable attraction media for large shopping centers, car dealerships, banks, exhibitions, and for any presentation necessary. The POLYPROMOTER™ has proved to attract a large number of an audience where ever its erected, creating the necessary branding opportunity to potential customers.

The POLYPROMOTER™ is a money saver, as a better alternative to a real person. Real employees complaint, get tired, harder to manage and control, need a frequent break and definitely unreliable. The POLYPROMOTER™, does its marketing job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Through its futuristic appearance, it has an Irresistible attraction to any by passer. POLYTRONGLASS not only provide unique hardware but also a full range of customized service. We customize our promotion based on branding goals by offer a large selection of models, scripts, video content, delivery, training, installation and full support. POLYTRONGLASS takes pride in its customer service value, assuring 100% customer satisfaction pre and post sales. POLYTRONGLASS believes the success of its clients’ branding is the success of POLYTRONGLASS.


1-Distinguish yourself from your competition.

2-Become a pioneer in using this technology, to brand and stand out.

3-Pass on your message across the city in front of thousands, instantly. Without any bad distortion of information that might occur from real live humans.

4-Raise the status of your company.

5-Get name recognition.

Why POLYPROMOTER™ is a better alternative to traditional advertising media channels? Everyone else uses traditional media channels, customers got acquainted with it and lost interest, do not pay attention anymore to billboards or other. It does not stand out like it used to 10 years ago. Where would our company ideally use POLYPROMOTER™? Install an interactive promoter at the exhibition at to your stand, at your showroom or at the entrance of your company. Grab their attention Marketing is all about grabbing people’s attention. The POLYPROMOTER™ is an eye grabber, with its perfect appearance, bright image, competent speech and load of information data to be shared. POLYTRONGLASS can develop custom script and speech make sure it grabs their attention and be of interest to them. Marketing is about creating the demand when it does not exist. POLYTRONGLASS delivers your Brand and the essence of your offers to consumers, creating the demand your company needs. Marketing is about delivering the right message at the right time. POLYPROMOTER™ delivers the right messages instantly to consumers. Marketing is about getting bigger exposure. Its small form makes it easy to deploy at many different locations. Marketing is about being at a right location at the right time. POLYPROMOTER™’s portable and small size form makes easy to move and deploy to the right location, covering unexpected events.




Exceptionally Lightweight and Ultra-slim

With astonishing average weight at 8-22kg/sqm, POLYOUTDOOR™ PGO Series are designed for ease of installation and maintenance, eliminating huge heavy load supporting structure reinforcement cost which is often associated with conventional LED video wall installation, besides apparent huge transportation and logistics benefits. With all the huge installation and maintenance benefits, POLYOUTDOOR™ cost often means a fraction of conventional LED display when it comes to billboard applications.

Groundbreaking Transparent Fanless Design

Groundbreaking cost-effective fanless self-cooling design renders POLYOUTDOOR™ ultra-slim structure and amazing 20-80% transparency, which not only help to bring great installation & maintenance advantages, but also make transforming glass façades into vivid video walls possible. High transparency helps to maintain outdoor viewing from inside a venue while putting on a fabulous video show outside.

Amazing All-weather IP67 Rated & Fabulously Aerodynamic Design

Amazing front/rear IP67 rated, UV-resistant, rendering POLYOUTDOOR™ PGO 13-20 a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environment.

POLYOUTDOOR™ ensures trouble-free operation even in extreme temperatures of -30°C to 60°C. Fabulously aerodynamic wind-resistant design allows POLYOUTDOOR™ withstand harsh storms and typhoons


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POLYTRONGLASS strives to continue on extending its specialty and innovation in the research and development, production and sales of transparent LED screen displays glass. The current “Led PG-Glass” product models include the PGRHBR series, which are designed for a wide range of applications such as storefront window displays, restaurant chains, shopping malls, airports, museums, financial institutions, trade shows, events, festivals, stage production, media architecture and many other areas. With pixel pitch ranges from 3 mm to 31.25 mm and brightness from 6000 nit to 7500 nit, “Led PG-Glass” products are by far the clearest and brightest display in the world.